Have a Crush on You (2023) IMDb 7.3 Director: Chuai Ni
Hakerek na'in:Chuai Ni
Estrelas:Peng Guanying, Wang Churan, Chuai Ni
Durasaun: 1h10min
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Ruan Liuzheng returns to her hometown after seven years, and becomes a neurosurgeon at Beiya Hospital. However, she didn't expect to meet her ex-husband, Ning Zhiqian, who is the most experienced neurosurgeon. Ruan Liuzheng is no longer the weak and timid girl, and she shows resolute and determination in both her work and relationship. When they were in Africa to execute medical relief efforts, Ning Zhiqian was injured in a gunshot. Ruan Liuzheng didn't leave his side, and fought hard to save him from the brink of death. The two have gained a new understanding of life, and begun a new relationship again.

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