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Captain Miller (2024) Captain Miller (2024)
HD Indo sub
Captain Miller (2024)
IMDb 7.6 Seorang pria pergi dan berbalik melawan militer India yang dipimpin Inggris setelah menyaksikan kekejaman.
Fighting for Love (2024) Fighting for Love (2024)
HD 34/34 Indo sub
Fighting for Love (2024)
IMDb 7.6 The story follows A Mai, a female general of the founding era of the Southern Xia dynasty, who discards her feminine attire and dons battle armor, enduring hardships to become a legendary female warrior. A Mai, the daughter of the Duke of Jingguo in Southern Xia, witnesses her entire family being killed by her childhood friend Chen Qi. Years later, A Mai, now a young woman, disguises herself as a man and roams the martial world, seeking revenge against Chen Qi.
Land of Bad (2024) Land of Bad (2024)
HD Indo sub
Land of Bad (2024)
IMDb 8.9 When a Delta Force special ops mission goes terribly wrong, Air Force drone pilot Reaper has 48 hours to remedy what has devolved into a wild rescue operation. With no weapons and no communication other than the drone above, the ground mission suddenly becomes a full-scale battle when the team is discovered by the enemy. William Eubank, Jared Purrington
Sometimes in April (2005) Sometimes in April (2005)
HD Indo sub
Sometimes in April (2005)
IMDb 7.6 Two brothers are divided by marriage and fate during the 100 horrifying days of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Raoul Peck, Olivia Bruynoghe
Desperido (2024) Desperido (2024)
HD Tetun sub
Desperido (2024)
IMDb 7.6 Bertahun-tahun yang lalu, Zhou Ke masuk ke sarang geng dengan mengenakan setelan jas seorang diri dan menyelamatkan saudaranya, Bano, namun akhirnya ditangkap dan dipenjara. Maju cepat bertahun-tahun, setelah dibebaskan dari penjara, Zhou Ke menjalani kehidupan tanpa beban di kota dengan nama samaran Li Fei. Namun, arus bawah yang tenang di jalanan melonjak, dan gelombang kejahatan baru bahkan lebih menakutkan. Dan kali ini, ke mana Zhou Ke harus pergi?
Hunting Games (2023) Hunting Games (2023)
HD Indo sub
Hunting Games (2023)
IMDb 7.6 When a group of ex-military members is hired to retrieve a lost bag of stolen money, their mission becomes more difficult after a lone hunter finds the bag first.
Dilwale (2015) Dilwale (2015)
HD Indo sub
Dilwale (2015)
IMDb 7.6 Raj is a Mafia member. One day he meet a girl (Meera) while chasing by his rival gang and falls in love with her. Later he finds out that this girl is the daughter of the leader of his rival gang. Yet their love story continues until he was shot by his girlfriend upon a deep misunderstanding. After that incident these two lovers lives separate until their siblings fallen in love. With this new love story their paths intertwines again.
Masters of the Air (2024) Masters of the Air (2024)
HD 4/4 Indo sub
Masters of the Air (2024)
IMDb 7.3 Explores the aerial wars of WWII through the enlisted men of the Mighty Eighth Air Force of the United States Army Air Forces.
The King of Fighters (2010) The King of Fighters (2010)
HD Indo sub
The King of Fighters (2010)
IMDb 7.6 The surviving members of three legendary fighting clans are whisked away to other dimensions by an evil power. As the fighters enter each new world they battle that universe’s native defenders, while the force that summoned them seeks to find a way to invade and infect our world.
Salaar Part 1-Ceasefire (2023) Salaar Part 1-Ceasefire (2023)
HD Indo sub
Salaar Part 1-Ceasefire (2023)
IMDb 7.6 In the city of Khansaar, Raja Mannar plans to make his son, Vardharaja Mannar his successor, but Raja Mannar’s ministers and advisors plan a coup d’état by hiring armies from Russia and Serbia to attack and kill Vardha and Raja. Vardha, along with his brother and a few trusted men, manage to escape from Khansaar. Vardha goes to his childhood best friend, Deva, who learns about his predicament and sets out to make him the undisputed successor of Khansaar. Prashanth Neel
Saindhav (2024) Saindhav (2024)
HD Indo sub
Saindhav (2024)
IMDb 7.6 The father of a sick child takes on a criminal gang running a pharmaceutical racket. Sailesh Kolanu
The Night Manager (2023) The Night Manager (2023)
HD 4/4 Indo sub
The Night Manager (2023)
IMDb 7.6 The night manager of a hotel in Dhaka finds himself entangled in a dangerous scheme that involves infiltrating a criminal's inner circle and ousting him to the authorities.
Bent (2018) Bent (2018)
HD Indo sub
Bent (2018)
IMDb 7.6 On his latest private investigation, a shamed former cop connects a murder case to a government conspiracy involving rogue agents from a top spy agency.
Three (2006) Three (2006)
HD Indo sub
Three (2006)
IMDb 7.6 After a yachting accident, a millionaire and his wife are shipwrecked on a desert island along with their former deckhand, Manuel.
Zorro (2024) Zorro (2024)
HD 10/10 Indo sub
Zorro (2024)
IMDb 7.6 Zorro (2024) drama series ini menceritakan Bertekad untuk mencari tahu siapa yang membunuh ayahnya, dia akan menemukan rahasia keluarga yang akan mengubah takdirnya selamanya.
American Star (2024) American Star (2024)
HD Tetun sub
American Star (2024)
IMDb 7.6 An assassin on a final assignment in Fuerteventura, to kill a man he has never met. When his target is delayed, he finds himself drawn to the island, people and a ghostly shipwreck. Instead of following protocol he stays. But when the target returns, the world has shifted. Before everything was simple, now nothing is.
State of Siege- Temple Attack (2021) State of Siege- Temple Attack (2021)
HD Indo sub
State of Siege- Temple Attack (2021)
IMDb 7.6 Based on the true incident of the 2002 terrorist attack in Gujarat’s Akshardham temple, the story revolves around the bravery of NSG commandos, who stood up for their country and their people in the worst of times.
Singh is Kinng (2008) Singh is Kinng (2008)
HD Indo sub
Singh is Kinng (2008)
IMDb 7.6 A comic caper about Happy Singh, a Punjabi villager who goes through a series of misadventures and eventually becomes the King of the Australian underworld.